New York reviews for Christina Bennington as Raven in Bat Out Of Hell 15.08.2019

The reviews are in for Christina Bennington, who has gained critical acclaim as leading lady Raven, in Bat Out Of Hell, New York.

Here's what they have to say:

‘Bat Out of Hell’ Is a Spectacle | Review | Observer

Never have you seen a cast work so passionately…

I’ve never seen a cast work so passionately on such material. Petite powerhouse Bennington makes Raven’s journey from spoiled brat to sexually confident rebel both credible and empowering—and she (plus woke directorial touches by Scheib) helps curb some of Steinman’s phallocentric excess.

...The most successful numbers—the smashingly violent opening number, the desperate first-act finale (“Bat Out of Hell”), and a tender, video-haunted romantic scene for Strat and Raven (“Making Love Out of Nothing at All”)—are high points of design and tone.

Bat Out Of Hell Is This Summer's Craziest Musical | TheaterMania

Jim Steinman's dystopian rock musical finally makes it to New York.

Bennington...possesses a killer set of pipes and an unflappable commitment to each moment. Sometimes, Strat and Raven just start making out, as if there is an expiration date on their passion — because, of course, there is.

Bat Out Of Hell The Musical Review: Loud…and Sexy. - DC Theatre Scene

Bat Out of Hell's a frequently enjoyable jukebox musical running at New York City Center through September 8, using the muscular rock opera anthems from singer Meat Loaf’s trilogy of best-selling albums of the same name to tell a tale of impossible young love in a dystopian future Manhattan.

What makes Bat Out of Hell so watchable, at least for the first two hours, is the magnetism of the cast. The performers are talented, charismatic….and, let’s be frank, rock star sexy.

‘Bat Out Of Hell’ Review: U.K. Rock Musical Arrives Off Broadway – Variety

The goth, sci-fi musical featuring the songs of Jim Steinman (made famous by Meat Loaf) comes to New York after a successful run in London.

Bennington is a dazzling and sensitive vocalist, whether running harmony with Polec during the majestically melodramatic “Making Love Out of Nothing at All,” or crooning alone, lost, while hugging her metaphorical motorcycle jacket during the pillowy soft “Heaven Can Wait.”

There is a heavenly side, thanks to this immensely talented cast. The women, in particular, are vocally incredible. given demanding music, and carries us to nirvana.

Financial Times

He and Christina Bennington, who plays Raven with a blend of vulnerability and livewire charm, are a hellishly good match. And both belt out their tunes with aplomb... “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” sounds electric here.

‘Bat Out Of Hell: The Musical’ is a cocky rock opera revving with fun: review -

Meat Loaf's famed album hits the stage in New York through Sept. 8

Bennington was a far better actor, wearing well the frenzied emotions of a teen girl who hates her parents, loves rock n’ roll and has forged an obsession with Strat and his gang of the undying. Vocally, Bennington...delivered perhaps the vocal of the night as she belted the ever-lovin’ out of Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now".

Polec and Bennington have the voices, physiques, and chemistry romantic leads in a musical ought to have.

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