Jack Horner in Wendy and Peter Pan 31.10.2013

Winter 1909. Snow is falling across London. Wendy Darling and her brothers sleeppeacefully in the bedroom, as their parents bicker downstairs. In a suddenflurry of snow their window blows open, and into their lives tumbles amischievous boy called Peter. Shortly followed by a very fractious fairy by thename of Tink.

In the magical Peter Pan, Wendy sees not only a great adventure, but also a chance torediscover the key to her parents' lost happiness. With the aid of a littlefairy dust she agrees to fly with Peter to Neverland. There she will give theLost Boys a run for their money, defeat Captain Hook and his pirate crew, andultimately, learn what it means to grow up.

JM Barrie's classic taleof the boy who never grows up is adapted in a spectacular new version by EllaHickson (Boys, Soho Theatreand Decade forHeadlong) and directed by Jonathan Munby (for the RSC TheCanterbury Tales).

Join us in Winter 2013 as wefly to Neverland...

To buy tickets for this magical show, follow this link http://www.rsc.org.uk/buy-tickets/p/wendy-and-peter-pan/