Fraser Ayres in Suspects 19.08.2014

Don’t Miss…Suspects. Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st August, 10pm Channel 5.

“Raw and unconventional… With its improviseddialogue and edgy camerawork, it has the same reek of reality that comes from afly-on-the-wall documentary.” – The Times

[Channel 5’s] new high-tension police showSuspects makes such powerful, original viewing.” - Daily Mail

Season Two of Channel 5’scritically acclaimed original crime drama Suspects returns tonight witha 2 x 1 hour special.

This two part special opens withbarrister Jonathan Moxton found naked, tied up and covered in blood - it lookslike a sex game has gone very wrong indeed. DI Martha and her team, DS JackWeston and DC Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Steele soon suspect that it was actually apremeditated attack. Who hit Jonathan with a hammer? And why is DS JackWeston so rattled by this case?

Suspects – tonight and tomorrow, 10pm on Channel5 #SUSPECTS