Reviews for the UK tour of Evita starring Emma Hatton with Joe McCourt 04.07.2017

The U.K tour of Evita will transfer to the West End at the end of July to the Phoenix Theatre with Emma Hatton in the lead role of Eva Peron with Joe McCourt appearing in the ensemble. Throughout the tour, Emma and the company continued to be praised by theatre critics around the country.

'Evita tells the story of Eva Peron, wife of former Argentine dictatorJuan Peron - from her humble descamisado - ‘shirtless one’ - beginnings, to wealth and power.' - Blackpool Gazette

'With a voice as powerful as Hatton’s, the vulnerability and frailty of young Eva Duarté' - The Weston Mercury

'Emma Hatton as Evita comes straight from a starring role in the West End production of Wicked. And it's clear why. Her star quality glitters from the second she hits the stage' - The Bolton News

'A strong ensemble shifted from free-spritied villagers, to rousing descamisados, via the aristocracy with ease, thanks in large part to Bill Deamers brilliant choreography, at each turn reflecting the moment perfectly - although at times it wasn’t quite sharp enough'. - Blackpool Gazette

'Emma Hatton, who recently played Elphaba in Wicked in the West End, more than holds her own when compared to previous Evitas who have graced the Empire stage' - Liverpool Echo

'Evita (Eva Peron) is played by the amazingly talented Emma Hatton who recently played Elphaba in Wicked. She truly has star quality and one of the most beautiful voices I have heard. She is radiant and commands everyone’s attention.' - What's Good To Do

'Hatton's ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’ was simple but stunning. I’ve never experienced tension like that in a theatre. You could hear a pin drop. And for such a tiny lady, she sure has a huge stage presence. Make sure you catch this girl in this show, a performance I’ll remember for a long time.' - Pocket Size Theatre

'Emma Hatton, who recently finished playing the lead role of Elphaba in the West End production of Wicked, brings true star quality to the role of Eva. She has a dazzling voice and is an outstanding actress.' - 365 Bristol

'The title role in this production is played by Emma Hatton and right from the beginning she inhabits the character with a fearless energy that clearly shows Evita’s ruthless determination to succeed. Her vocals are excellent, with the influence of her background as a jazz singer bringing a freshness to the delivery, and her tone, particularly in the higher register, is beautifully bell-like.' - Mature Times

Hatton’s stunning voice hit all the right notes in her performance of leading song Don’t Cry For Me Argentina – which left the audience in awe and me with goosebumps. - North Somerset Times

'With a voice as powerful as Hatton’s, the vulnerability and frailty of young Eva Duarté - a girl dreaming of being an actress and flung into a world dominated by men and the powerful middle classes - could be easily lost. Yet through all the flourishes in young Eva’s life from wannabe-screen starlet, turned seductress, to the first lady of Argentina, Hatton embodies every version of Evita aplomb.' - The Weston Mercury

'Played by one of West End’s leading ladies Emma Hatton, former Elphaba Thropp from the musical Wicked, Eva Perón is brought spectacularly to life. Hatton can’t be faulted as she commands the stage, with her rendition of ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ prompting a silent awe to spread across the audience.' - Staffs Live

'Emma Hatton, who has graced the West End stage as Elphaba in Wicked, is a force to be reckoned with as Eva Peron. She oozes charm and you cannot help but fall in love with her as you travel with her on her journey to find fame, fortune and power. Hatton’s vocal performance delivers a masterclass in Musical Theatre. Her velvety vocals – and her belt – are exceptional, and her rendition of the famous Don’t Cry for Me Argentina is a real treat.' - At The Theatre

'Wicked alumna Emma Hatton is a diminutive powerhouse in the title role, with a clear-as-a-bell soprano and a subtle sense of her character's grasping ambition and matching, seductive star quality.' - The Stage

'A large ensemble deliver Bill Deamer's alternately passionate and formal blocks of movement with serious discipline.' - The Stage

'Emma Hatton, who recently finished playing the lead role of Elphaba in the West End production of Wicked, brings star quality to the role of Eva and while she may be small she has an epic voice that completely over powers you. An outstanding actress, she captures both the power and the fragility of a young woman who rose to become a demagogue ruler but whose mortality ultimately defeats her as she dies of cancer. It is incredibly moving.' - DailyEcho

'The entire cast is top class' - DailyEcho

‘Hatton captures both the steel and the fragility of her rise and fall.’ - Chichester Observer