Reviews for choreographer Lee Proud for the UK tour of Rent 18.04.2017

Lee Proud recently choreographed the brand new 20th Anniversary tour of RENT. The musical is based on the Puccini's classic opera, La Bohéme and this production has received critical acclaim for the choreography from numerous theatre critics.

Lee is currently working on the world premiere of The Braille Legacy, which is in previews at the Charing Cross Theatre.

Reviews for Lee

'Lee Proud’s choreography provides momentum and energy as if they really are dancing for their lives.' - The Guardian

'...Lee Proud’s dynamic choreography.' - The Stage

'Lee Proud's diverse and deeply expressive choreography, which portrays everything from desperate poverty to wild sexual abandon.' - WhatsOnStage

'Lee Proud’s choreography is aggressive and filled with avidity, from the fiery title number and ‘Tango Maureen’ to Angel’s playful ‘Today 4 U’ - BritishTheatre

'It’s often the case with such a show as this to push the means of movement to a degree where it almost removes you from this story, but here the balanced was mixed brilliantly thanks to Lee Proud’s fresh choreography’ - GayTimes

‘…the high octane choreography which is under the supervision of the hugely experienced and talented Lee Proud, who worked on the London production of ‘Billy Elliott’ for a number of years, amongst other hit shows.’ - Literally Productions

‘Choreography by Lee Proud is executed with precision, determination, and an abundance of technical skill that gives the role of Angel a new life.’ - VADA Magazine

‘Lee Proud’s engaging choreography is at times breathtaking – La Vie Boheme being a particular highlight.’ - The Reviews Hub

‘…all the other technical aspects of the show are spot-on especially Lee Proud’s choreography which is energetic and modern and fits in perfectly with the overall feel of the production.’ - LondonTheatre1

‘Choreography by Lee Proud is at times mesmerising, leaves you out of breath just watching it.’ - NorthWestEnd