Reviews for Carolyn Maitland in RAGS at the Park Theatre 15.01.2020

The London production of RAGS, starring Carolyn Maitland, celebrated its press night yesterday evening at the Park Theatre.

Carolyn leads the company as Rebecca in the heart-warming and powerful tale of a group of Jewish immigrants, who travel to America for a new life.

‘A barnstorming performance by Carolyn Maitland.’ – Evening Standard

‘Carolyn Maitland, in particular, is excellent as Rebecca, with a voice as clear, sharp (and enjoyable) as a classic martini.’ – Time Out

‘Carolyn Maitland is superb as Rebecca, a woman trying to rebuild her life. She aces the big numbers.’ – The Stage

‘Carolyn Maitland gives a wonderfully accomplished performance as Rebecca, especially in her solo numbers.’ – Theatre Weekly

'Carolyn Maitland gives a sensational performance as Rebecca. Her solo moments are complete vocal treats and she leads the show with a delightful nuance.' - Rewrite The Story

‘She is a magnetic presence throughout the show, stunning the audience with her huge, emotive vocals.’ – Theatre Fan