James Bannon

Author: Running With The Firm. 'Sunday Times Best Seller'. Soon to be a major motion picture.
Film: Gary Roebuck in Elevan Men Against Eleven (Andy Hamilton); City Boy in Jack and Sarah (Tim Sullivan); Manager in Ladybird Ladybird (Ken Loach); Duke in Our Boy (David Evans); Bryan in Paranoid (John Duigan); Terry in Skin (Vincent O'Connell); Chivers in The Magician (Terry Windsor); Adam in Woundings (Roberta Hanley).
Television: Fire Officer in Between The Lines (Ian Knox); Keen Eddie in Brighton (Simon West); Tony in Dalziel and Pascoe (Suri Krishnamma); Peter Lyle in Dangerfield (Rob Walker); Vivian in Drop the Dead Donkey (Liddy Oldroyd); Duane in My Wonderful Life (Simon Massey); Mechanic in The Armando Iannuchhi Shows (Adam Tandy); The Bill (Granada ITV); Dave in The Biographer (Phillip Saville); Morton Radstock in The Legacy Of Reginald Perrin (Gareth Gwenlan).
Theatre: Trebonius in Julius Ceaser (Royal Exchange, Robert Delamare); Sgt Major in Privates On Privates On Parade (Greenwich Theatre, Paul Clayton); Saved (Royal Court, Ian Rickson); Dave in Serving It Up (The Bush Theatre, Jonathan Lloyd); Tom in Tennesse Rose (Cluny Theatre, Jane Thorton).

Location: London, United Kingdom
Height: 5'10" (177cm)
Weight: 11st. (70kg)
Playing Age: 31 - 45 years
Appearance: White
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Grey