Jack Hopkins

Music Supervisor: The Provoked Wife (RSC); Tartuffe (RSC)
Musical Director/ Conductor: Timon of Athens (RSC); The Full Monty (Old Joint Stock Theatre); Antony & Cleopatra (RSC); Coriolanus (RSC); Julius Caesar (RSC); Titus Andronicus (RSC); Snow In Midsummer (RSC); The Seven Acts of Mercy (RSC); Tick…Tick…BOOM! (MYK Productions); RENT (Cresent Theatre); Don Quixote (Nimax Theatres); Imperium - Parts 1 & 2 (RSC); 101 Dalmatians (RSC)
Recordings: Timon of Athens (MD/ Keyboard); Twelfth Night (MD/Keyboard 2/ RSC); Coriolanus (MD/Conductor RSC); Measure For Measure (Piano/Organ RSC)